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Secondary & Post-Secondary Education

Secondary EducationQueue of youths


  • What’s Health Got To Do with Transition? (updated 2009, USF).  A 40-hour classroom curriculum for high schools students in special education that promotes health literacy, self-determination, and health care management skill-building; includes a detailed Teacher’s Guide. Findings from the intervention are reported in this article in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology (2010), research poster  (APHA conference, 2006), and comprehensive report (2005).
  • Healthy Transitions (lesson plans, videos, and other tools for students with intellectual disabilities)
  • My Health Care is a classroom curriculum developed by FDDC and USF to improve health literacy, communication and self-advocacy skills among adolescents and adults with ID/DD. Read about the program here, and download materials for learners and instructors here. Evaluation study results are here.

Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans

Other Materials and Resources

NEW!  An easy-to-use, interactive Transition Toolkit for physicians, families and youth, case managers, and teachers.  Through a series of questions, the toolkit helps you determine which resources may be most useful  (depending on your role) to support the transition process. Developed by the Northeast FloridaHATS Coalition, the Toolkit incorporates instruments and resources that have been adapted for Floridians but can be used by anyone. Get started here!

Post-Secondary Education

NEW!   A graduate level, online certificate in Education and Health Care Transition (EdHCT) is now being offered by the University of Florida. Visit to learn more about integrating education and health care transition, and building expertise in this emerging discipline.