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Regional Coalitions


Three regions – Tampa/Hillsborough County, Panama City/Panhandle area, and Jacksonville/Duval County – have used the MAPP community-based planning approach to begin building local systems that support health care transition.  Advocates in Miami-Dade County plan to launch a planning initiative in spring 2014.

The coalitions were organized with assistance from local MAPP facilitators starting in January 2010, and used our Strategic Planning Guide for Health Care Transition Coalitions to help guide them in the process. Links to scheduled meetings and meeting minutes for each coalition are listed below.

PARTNER Assessment

In June 2012, members from the three pilot coalitions participated in an assessment of their respective collaboratives. The PARTNER Tool (see was used to measure the perceived value and quality of linkages and relationships among partner programs. For a summary of results, see Coalition Evaluation

If you are interested in forming a health care transition coalition in your community, please contact Janet Hess.

Leadership Meetings