Florida Youth to Adult Transition - FLY2AT

FLY2AT Course Companion Guide

Thank you for completing our Youth 2 Adult Transition course for Professionals!

We hope you enjoyed and found value in participating in this course. We now invite you to explore this FLY2AT Course Companion Guide for the stated or discussed resources from the course. Please keep in mind, time spent on resource exploration is independent to course completion. Additionally, over time, resources will be modified to reflect current recommendations for relevant topics.

We encourage you to bookmark links or download desired items as they may not be readily available on your next visit.

And of course, visit us often to explore practice-informed and evidenced-based transition-related resources!

We thank you again for completing this Youth 2 Adult Transition Course for Professionals, and for your continued investment in today’s youth and tomorrow’s future!

Module One Resources: Pediatric to Adult Health Care

Module Two Resources: Education and Employment Transition

Module Three Resources: Legal System & Finances

Module Four Resources: Transition Priorities