Graduating from pediatric to adult health care

Secondary & Post-Secondary Education

Educator Training

Health Care Transition in the School Setting: A Training Program for Educators provides special education teachers, school nurses, transition specialists, administrators and support staff with the knowledge, skills and tools to facilitate improved health literacy, self-management, communication, and self-advocacy among students with disabilities and chronic health conditions.  The course describes how health care transition is an integral component of successful transition to post-secondary adult life, and demonstrates how to integrate health-related goals and objectives into federally-mandated transition Individualized Education Plans, 504 Plans, and Individualized Health Care Plans. See a promotional flyer here.

Course Modules

This web-based, self-paced course is comprised of 10 sequential modules, lasting an average of 15-20 minutes each. Total time to complete the course is approximately 3 hours. A short description of the module and learning objectives are provided with the video links below. Before starting, please download the Course Toolkit, which provides links to the tools and resources used throughout the course.

  1. Introduction  (Handout)
  2. Adolescent Development  (Handout)
  3. Working with the Health Care Community  (Handout)
  4. Health Insurance  (Handout) ** Please see clarification for Module 4 here                              
  5. Legal & Financial Aspects of Transition (Handout)
  6. Assessing Health Care Transition Readiness  (Handout)
  7. Health Skill Development  (Handout)
  8. Care Transfer  (Handout)
  9. Conclusion  (Handout)
  10. Practice Activities (Handout)

Script for full course

Student Curricula

  • My Health Care is classroom curriculum to improve health literacy, communication and self-advocacy skills for adolescents and adults with ID/DD from Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc. (2015).  Evaluation study results are here.
  • What’s Health Got To Do with Transition? (updated 2009, USF).  A 40-hour classroom curriculum for high schools students in special education that promotes health literacy, self-determination, and health care management skill-building; includes a detailed Teacher’s Guide. Findings from the intervention are reported in this article in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology (2010), research poster  (APHA conference, 2006), and comprehensive report (2005).
  • Healthy Transitions (lesson plans, videos, and other tools for students with intellectual disabilities)
  • Navigating the Health Care System,  from UCLA and Nemours (2018), a four-unit health literacy curriculum for high school students that can be implemented in a variety of settings

Presentations for Educators and School Nurses

Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), 504 Plans, and Individual Health Plans (IHPs)

College Resources for Students with Disabilities

Other Materials and Resources