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If you know of a provider or program that should be included in the directory, you may complete the form below or contact a FloridaHATS representative. Please include as much detail as possible about the program in the “Service Description” field, such as type of insurance accepted and/or fee structure, eligibility criteria (e.g., age parameters, type of condition), population served (e.g., developmental disabilities, technology-dependent, non-ambulatory). A comprehensive description will result in a better match between patient need and services. There also is a field for a web site address. All information that is submitted will be verified prior to uploading to the directory.

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To update an existing entry, first search for listing using the Health Service Directory Search Feature. Open the current listing. In upper right-hand corner, click on the “Update this listing” text link. Make corrections on form page then click submit. All information that is submitted will be verified prior to uploading to the directory.

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If you have questions about submitting the online form, would like to recommend a new listing, or would like to talk to a representative about a service, please contact Florida HATS.

Disclaimer: Please help us keep the directory up-to-date by letting us know about resources you think should be included, however, please note that a listing in this directory does not imply an endorsement from FloridaHATS, Florida Department of Health, or Children's Medical Services. These resources are listed solely for your convenience in locating services from those available in your area. Individuals should perform their own research of any agency they choose. If the service is covered on an insurance plan, first check the plan's provider network.

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